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Hi, and welcome to Ocean Bingo!

Ocean "walk in" Bingo

Dog Days of Summer Schedule

Open Wednesday through Sunday. Doors open at 11:30 am, first game at Noon. Closed Mondays & Tuesdays.

ALL NEW - Wednesday Night Quarter Bingo!

Join in the fun as we play regular quarter bingo every Wednedsay Night. People have asked for night time quarter bingo, so we listened and now we will be playing your favorite kind of bingo every Wednesday Night! Don't forget to tell you friends, family and neighbors about Wednesday Night Quarter Bingo! Please help make this a success!

You might not be familiar with walk in bingo, but it's really very simple. You just come in when you want to play, select the cards you want to play, put your money up and begin to play. Volunteers will collect your payment just as each game is beginning.

Some features of Ocean Bingo include:

Money Ball

Win up to $250!

 Money Ball is played twice daily, at 4 pm & 8:30 pm.

Money Ball is a progressive game that pays out a minimum of $150 and grows to a maximum prize of $250!

Money Ball is easy to play. You purchase sealed tickets for $1 each, open your tickets to reveal your numbers and then mark them off as they are called. Each ticket has one B, I, N, G and O number. If you cover all your numbers first, you are the winner! And, if the last number called is one of the lucky Money Ball numbers, you wint the jackpot! Simple as that. Non jackpot winners share a consolation prize of $150.

All prizes are single winner amounts and will be split by the number of winners.





Daytime Bingo

Play regular games for as little as 10¢. Payouts are $10 on purple, $15 on black, $25 on red and $50 on yellow!

 Specials and/or jackpots are played every half hour. Prizes and prices vary. Regular games are played all afternoon from noon to 7 between specials.

Flash Bingo

Begins following the 7 pm jackpot and continues until late. The bonus games following the 7 pm jackpot are guaranteed to pay $50 each. Flash bingo is a fast game and the payouts are high. It's the game to play when you want fast action and exciting times!

Specials are played throughout the night as well as a Money Ball game at 8:30. A guaranteed $250 jackpot is played at 9 pm everynight except Friday when it is played at 10 pm.


Our program can be viewed at the GAMES link above.